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Burn Daylight

Solar LED Outdoor Lighting

Bockia grew from 0 to 3 mill USD

… with 5 designs in just 3 years

Smart steps

With a paradigm shift from cutting cost and compete through retail prizes, towards a strategic design approach.

Eye-catching design and improved features are offered as a starting point for developing a new and better business.

Bockia is a Swedish-Chinese Brand and Manufacturer of LED Solar Cell Lighting now on a path towards international succes.


Design is about being distinct

Design is about bringing up the characteristic character of a product and accentuating it.
One of the key design principles of designers is to make the assets of the product positively stand out.
Design is about implementing user needs.
Design runs on the spirit of “put it on the market and see how it goes.”
It is only on the market a product will prove it’s value – these designs has already shown their value.






China’s Most Successful Designs Awards

Recognition of top international designers and companies for their designs that are most successful in the Chinese market.