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The future is full of possibilities

We are always open to a non-committal talk about the possibilities.
Before we dive into a collaboration we’ll be happy to assist you with any thoughts and product ideas.
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A mutual fair payment plan is about trust and reliability

When we start a collaboration, we want you to have full control over your investment
in Design and Product Development.

Your project is divided into checkpoints each with evaluations and Go or No-Go decisions.

Each project is tailored to your individual needs.
We only conclude projects upon arrival – at the agreed time and within the agreed budget.

To achieve the greatest Return on Investment,

How will you invest your budget?

Let’s tackle challenges, solve problems, and seize opportunities head-on.
We work wit two basic setups, Fee Assignments and Royalty Assignments:

Fee Assignments

Fixed fee is for a fixed scope.

Fee assignments offer a straightforward and immediate financial benefit to the assignor while providing the assignee with clear usage rights. We price in phases and always with choices.

When structuring fee assignments, we will negotiate fair terms:

Ensuring the fee accurately reflects the value of the IPR or asset, considering market conditions and future potential.

Payment Terms
Defining whether the fee is a lump sum or spread over time, and any conditions tied to these payments.

Scope and Duration
Clearly specifying the scope and objectives (e.g., geographical, usage limits) and duration of the assignment to manage expectations and control.

Legal Protections
Including clauses to protect the assignor’s rights and interests, such as reversion rights if certain conditions are not met.

Financial Health
Assessing the financial health of the assignee to ensure they can afford the fee without compromising the success of their use of the IPR.

Royalty Assignments

Ongoing payments based on revenue. 

While royalty payments can provide substantial benefits, it also come with risks and challenges that need to be carefully managed through well-crafted agreements and ongoing oversight.

When entering into royalty agreements, we will agree on:

Advance Payment
Demonstrates the licensee’s commitment and seriousness about the agreement.

Royalty Rate
Should be fair and reflective of the value of the IPR.

Payment Schedule
Clear terms on how and when payments are made.

Audit Rights
Provision for regular audits to ensure accurate reporting.

Whether the license is exclusive or non-exclusive.

Geographic scope of the license.

Term and Termination
Duration of the agreement and conditions for termination.