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Let us explore the possibilities ahead

From brainstorming to tangible results,
there is a myriad of possibilities.

When you choose Onø Design as an efficient and experienced product creator, you can expect to receive distinctive products that will:
  • Give your business competitive advantages
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Create a better world

Within Challenges, Obstacles and Difficulties
We find Possibilities, Alternatives and Potential.

We Investigate

Analysis creates insight

Through design and user analysis, the market and people’s needs are identified, the opportunities are mapped.

We Imagine

Insight creates ideas

With a creative and focused design process, ideas are filtered, processed, visualized and made probable.

We Create

Ideas creates value

Design and details are specified, data is provided and you will be ready for production and marketing.

Our Promise

You get attractive, useful and profitable product solutions, ready for new opportunities.

Our Toolbox

Get a quick overview of the opportunities for developing your ideas and business.

Svend’s first ideas were ahead of their time, 4 years after release the design became State-of-art on the market.

Bo Lustrup

KiSS Technology

Svend Onø is creative in a rare and sensitive way, which results in excellent design.

Carsten Jørgensen


The tasks were completed reliably and on time to our full satisfaction.

Martin Iseli

Ascom Schweiz

The design solution was the starting point for developing our new business and Brand.

Jacob Rode

Rode Bath

Behind every design solution is an entrepreneurial designer.
A creative mind who proved an idea in the lab and dared to carry it out in the world.


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