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The effect of Integrated Design

Consumer Electronics

Better products and huge savings

… going from from 24 to 6 months of product development.

Integrated Design

Creating a synergy of specialist can open for new unconventional possibilities that better solves the objectives of the project.

A holistic approach and with a integrated structure results in seamless project development.

More efficient planning, specifications and reviews between stakeholders like Design, Engineering, Marketing and Management who collaborate leads to improved and better solutions with the end users in the mind.


From 24 to 12 months

Previous to 1990 the Swiss company Ascom needed 24 month to design and develop telephones.
Integrated Design was introduced by the design team and we shortened the time of development by another 12 month.


From 12 to 9 months

3D Computer Aided Design was introduced which initially reduced time for development from 12 to 9 month.


From 9 to 6 months

The process was optimized with CAD/CAM facilities.
Time for design and development reduced once more, from 9 to 6 month.


Great return

With a very large corporate team, efficiency is crucial and consequently the savings was substantial.

Furthermore Ascom could respond immediate to market and adjust portfolio and clients requests.

iF Design Award

Proof of excellent work and good design.
The iF Design Award, which spans multiple disciplines, has more than 5500 entries from around 59 nations every year.