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Enjoying cozy moments and unwinding

Improve your mood and relax
Tea has been a tradition for many cultures for the past 5000 years.
Tea is the social lubricant for human social interactions and for celebratory ceremonies, gesture of hospitality and goodwill.
It’s the go-to beverage to relax and reflect on precious moments.
ViVA honors and value the importance of these ancient traditions.

ViVA creates more than just drinking vessels
In fact, behind every cup, strainer or teapot, ViVA dedicate a significant amount of time and resources in research and development. ViVA is inspired by the Scandinavian design roots and cuisines, with nothing but tea lovers’ needs in mind.
From the size of the spout to the fine patterns of the infuser, using premium sustainable materials and world-class craftsmanship, the products are made to last.
ViVA consistently push themselves to achieve the perfect, holistic tea experience.

International Brand
ViVA Scandinavia has partnered with a group of leading product designers in Denmark, creating beautifully crafted pieces that are highly cherished and enjoyed by tea lovers.
Since 2010 ViVA is running a successful houseware factory, which over the years has be-come the go-to supplier for luxury houseware brands from around the world.
Capitalizing on the extensive experience with manufacturing and supplying for these brands, ViVA launched products to fill a market gap of premium tea-centric drinkware and accessories, being sold worldwide

ViVA Scandinavia
Denmark – China


Business to Costumer

Color, Material and Finish


Take a break and unwind with a glass of your favorite vintage
Wine accessories will enhance the enjoyment of wine drinking.
And they are great for entertaining and make great gifts for wine aficionados.

Simple and Effective
The glass funnel aerator has holes at the bottom of the funnel neck to disperse the wine onto the side of the decanter and so aerates and releases the full bouquet of the precious wine.

Simple and Practical
The top of the funnel is cut at an angle to avoid spillage and splashes.
The funnel can be used with any carafe.
The coaster protects the table by catching the wine drops.

Drip-free Wine Carafe
A wine carafe is a great way to serve your friends your favorite vintages in style.
With its elegant design and classic shape, it adds a touch of sophistication to any dinner table.

Ergonomic Design
Design based on honesty, simplicity and usability.
Good design does not have to be complex or expensive.
This decanter has an ergonomic design with a contoured base for improved grip and better balance when pouring.

Visionary Innovation

Design Values
BODUM® aim to bring high quality coffee and tea solutions and household accessories to everyone.
BODUM® innovate to create great designs at affordable prices based on our guiding principle that form follows functionality.

BODUM® was founded 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Mid 1970’s BODUM® headquarters moved to Switzerland, ensuring the company was strategically placed in central Europe.

The in-house design unit, PI-Design was establish.
Since 1980, this team of designers, engineers, graphic designers and architects has been responsible for all BODUM® product designs, staying true to the tradition of functionality and quality, with a focus on innovation.

International Brand
BODUM® products are sold in 55 countries with 7 dedicated BODUM® stores, and many more shop-in-shops, outlet stores, and sales points around the world.



Business to Costumer

Color, Material and Finish

1990 – 1993

Inspiration versus Innovation

Do you want to be a pioneer innovator that carries great risks and get only 2.2% of your possible innovation value?

Or do you want to be in the category of second mover innovators that could possibly reap 97.8% of the innovation value?

Companies can innovate more quickly by standing on the shoulders of their competitors rather than by constantly starting design from scratch.
Smart companies inspires each other, taking some poorly implemented ideas and making them better.
While some consumers and firms get frustrated with companies releasing similar products, the reality is that a second mover approach potentially results in better products for the consumer.


“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Isaac Newton

Smart inspiration

What consumers and companies fail to realise, is that a second movers company is putting pressure on first mover company to innovate to stay ahead of the game. Over time, these two strategies will continue to innovate and differentiate, pushing the other to do better. This is healthy competition, without competition, everything stagnates.
When a product that has been in development for one year can be copied and brought to market in a very short time, first mover advantage has lost its headstart. Where innovation brings new things into the world, second movers spreads them; where innovators break the habits, second movers perfect the new one; and while innovators can win big, second movers often win bigger.

The intelligent design approach facing these conditions, and the best and most efficient route to innovation is not the tempting imitation or copying, but what we call inspiration.


"Bad artists copy, great artists steal.”



Smart steps on the road to innovation

Being able to ask the right questions to identify the core issue – identifying the causes and not just the symptoms, look at the market, observe consumers, find the inspirational ideas, convert them, redesign existing components, refine them, improve and optimize them, adapt them, built better, cut to the core, test the ideas and prototyping rather than planning, and make sure to be ethical and respects intellectual property rights.


Design is not about being subtle.

It’s about bringing up the distinctive character of a product and accentuating it.
One of the key design principles of great designers is to make the assets of the product positively stand out.
Design is about implementing user needs.
Design runs on the spirit of “put it on the market and see how it goes.” Production cycles are very short and quality may be compromised, but over time some product can be improved and becomes more stable.
It is only on the market a product will prove it’s value.


In other words, it is time to be innovative about inspiration.


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