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Various Projects for LEGO


In a matter of minutes, your child will embark on a musical journey, effortlessly crafting unique melodies and sounds with a simple twist! Unleashing their creativity, the imaginative child can explore an array of options, including bells, bass, grand piano, flute, violin, and drums, resulting in an impressive repertoire of musical moments. And for a touch of wild and playful fun, they can let their creativity soar with an assortment of delightful animal sounds.

Creativity at play

“Music serves as a powerful catalyst for sensory stimulation. The innate connection between music, rhythm, and a child’s developmental milestones lays the foundation for motor and language skills. Beyond the artistic realm, music and rhythm actively engage the logical and mathematical facets of the mind, enhancing concentration, fostering imagination, and vividly portraying emotions and moods.

Engaging in musical expression becomes a dynamic avenue for promoting cooperation and friendship. The harmonious fusion of these elements seamlessly bridges the realms of toys and music, encapsulating the best of both worlds. Together, they create an enriching experience that not only entertains but also nurtures holistic development in children.”


Toys for sound and music

Business to Costumer

Color, Material and Finish

1998 – 2000